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Top Ten Ways to get Busted
Getting Busted
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The Fab Five
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The Fab Five

The Fab Five got Busted on Thursday.

On the plane to California.

SAMMIE-You are one of the best friends i could ever ask for. You stuck by me and helped me stash my incriminating evidence without a second thought.  You understand my humor and my sarcastic jokes.  I'm so glad that i met you, i'd be pretty lonely without you. You truly are great and you deserve all the happiness in the world. I hope you and Wayne stay together for a long time to come and that he makes you feel good about yourself even when you feel the world is out to get you. And remember, organizing you CD's by genre and alphabetical order is normal.
MICHELE-Wow! I'm glad that our friendship has grown since we met in 7th grade. Your humor, even if it is a little preverted, is something that i would miss.  You have stood by me even though i almost got you in a shit load of trouble. Crone could never make me rat you out. He may look like a child molester but then again i'm not a child. Mwhahaha! Stay the way you are and always be happy with who you are and i'll never have to hurt you. Even if band sucks ass, we still have each other for entertainment.
KATHY-Well Kittles, what to say. We may not have known each other as long as most but i can honestly say, you know me well. I am so glad i found someone who i can talk about my issues with and not get a snort or a rude comment. Thank you for the advice and listening to me. We have alot in common even if what we have in common isn't our brightest moments.  I'm glad you were there for me when i cried myself to sleep that night.  I hope that you stay true to yourself and your heart and live life to it's fullest. You can honestly make me smile in the worst of situations.

DEVON-WOW! Math was great. Annoying Mr. Yost is the best thing ever. Hopefully this year will be just as much fun. Even though we don't know each other as well as the others do, we still have our inside jokes and the ability to make each other smile. Keep believing in yourself and always hold your head up high. You are truely special in every way.
To the Fab Five-You guys have been great, especially with the shit i've pulled lately. I'm so glad that you didn't turn your backs on me, like so many people would have in that situation. I can't wait to see what happens in the years to come and maybe i'll learn to behave. *snicker*

Newark Airport

Again, Newark Airport

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