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Top Ten Ways to get Busted
Getting Busted
Ways to get Out of Trouble
The Fab Five
The Click
Some Pics
Everybody Else

Ways to get Out of Trouble

Take this advice seriously, it works!

Now me, being the ever retarded, lacking common sense teen that i am, have a few tips for either getting out of trouble or minimizing the punishment.
  • When lying to any authority figure, always look them in the eyes.
  • Never figget or sway, shows that your nervous.
  • Always hide any incriminating evidence in the best possible places, or the most unlikely to be searched.
  • Parents are not as smart if you're the first child or your older siblings never did anything bad.
  • Smoking out window is dangerous if in viewing level of a street or neighbors house.
  • If you choose to smoke in your room without permission, use something as an ashtray, not the floor.
  • If your parents know you have money and don't want you to spend it, make it less obvious that you did by accidentally forgetting it on shopping trips.
  • If you promise to pay back money, do it little by little, that way you have money for other important things.
  • Never take bud or cigerettes from strangers, chances are it's either laced with something, or they're an undercover cop.
  • Don't litter, it's bad for the enviroment.

Top Five Hiding Spots
  • boxes that hold crap that no one ever bothers looking at.
  • in books, great for money or acid.
  • covered holes in the walls.
  • tape players, bags and notes that say too much for prying eyes.
  • a locked box, everything can go in there and your parents can't get in without a key. Carry the key with you at all times.

Johnny smoked a rock of crack and almost had a heart attack, Billy smoked a bag of pot, a little hungry was all he got. REMEMBER: POT IS SAFER THAN CRACK!