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Getting Busted
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Getting Busted

A day a band camp.

Alright. I named my website after a rather idiotic incident at band camp. Now, the Fab Five already know about this, but you obviously don't. Me, being the ever lacking common sense, stupid teen that i am, decided to bring cigerettes to band camp. Yea i know what you're thinking, "is she retarded?"! I ask myself that question everyday and sometimes more than once a day. Well, this is how it went. One chick saw me and a few friends, who were not doing any illegal activities, doing something not allowed. They told everyone in band and lovely loud-mouth Shefler told Mr. Crone and they searched our cabin. Now they didn't find the cigerette in the cabin because i had a friend help me stash it in the woods. Yea well they threatened to take away her captian position and she told no that i blame her. I had already told Crone that i took the cancersticks to camp. Well they found them and now i am awaiting my punishment. Hopefully they'll kick me out of band. Yep, well that's the story and a retard one it is.

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